Simpson Singers are singing the National Anthem at the Atlanta Braves game,7 p.m. 

    Are you part of the redistricting of Peachtree ES to Simpson ES? If so, mark dates to pre-register at Simpson.
    See Flyer for registration dates.

     Gwinnett County Best in the Nation. Read more about 2014 BROAD PRIZE.

     E-Class Success for Stripling
    4th Graders 
    Mrs. German loves her eClass Curriculum and Instruction tools. Through the use of discussion posts, quizzes, and digital content, students are encouraged to talk and are eager to learn! Read More



    Schools Need YOU to Help Close the Digital Gap 

    eClass and BYOD.....Bring Your Own Device 
    Students bring their own smart devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, etc.) to the classroom.

    The Challenge to BOYD: Not Every Student Has a Device

    In the classroom, students might share a device and work in teams or pairs. But the full implementation of eClass means having access at home or anywhere.


    Help close the digital gap by providing devices for our students or funds for the schools to buy them for students.

    Schools need these type of devices: iPads, Chromebooks, eReaders and smart phones. They also need smart boards—large screen, interactive internet-connected.

    Donate today for
    the future!
    To better understand the impact of technology in the classroom, GO TO OUR eCLASS PAGE.
    Literacy in Many Forms
    Learn about Financial Literacy
    on our eClass page.

    7th Grader's Love of Reading Benefits Needy Students

    Zachary Golden, a seventh grade student at Pinckneyville Middle school, turned his love of reading into an act of generosity for other students in the Norcross Cluster. Read more.

    Post your comment or a school-related event or news on our new "Community Forum" page.

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    Handheld devices aren't the end game - they're the tool Norcross teachers need to teach critical skills to tomorrow's work force. These are the faces of America future, the reality of our community's opportunity, the minds that will address the challenges that do - or will - affect us all.
    This is top goal of the local elementary and middle schools in Norcross and Peachtree Corners this year.
    Five students can share 1 device. One device can make a world of difference.
    Help us get the funds we need to get the devices to our children.
    Your support is tax deductible! 

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     Imagine One Teacher for Each Student
    How can there be one teacher for each student? In Gwinnett County Public Schools, technology is helping to individualize classroom instruction. It’s like having a teacher for every single child because the teacher can use new tools to meet each student’s learning needs. 
     Technology Boosts Classroom Learning
     eCLASS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)Tool 
    enables our creative teachers to be in several places at one time!
     “The classroom of tomorrow is the classroom today. New digital resources expand the walls of the classroom.” according to Tricia Kennedy, executive director for eClass Transformation for Gwinnett County Public Schools.
     BYOD.....Bring Your Own Device 

    The Norcross Cluster Schools Partnership (NCSP) benefits the elementary and middle schools in Norcross and Peachtree Corners.

    We collect school supplies, books and help raise money for the schools.
    All but two schools in the cluster are Title I schools indicating a high poverty level, which at some schools is as high as 90%.
    While we know poverty does not translate into poor student scores; it is true that students from poverty level homes often do not have any books of their own. Zachary's contribution will enable NCSP to purchase books for these students.

    Click here to help fund technology for
    our students.
    Select:  "Norcross Cluster Schools Partnership Fund."
    Gwinnett County Public School Foundation
    Your donation is tax-deductible.

     Your Involvement Means the World
    What is a cluster? Norcross cluster includes Norcross High School and all the schools in Peachtree Corners and Norcross that feed to it plus Give West High School.

    NCSP supports the elementary and middle schools in Peachtree Corners and Norcross.
    NCSP Encourages Collaboration by Enriching Educational Opportunities Which Enhance Student Achievement.
    We are part of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation                    
    What we do for our schools:
    • We collect school and first aid supplies.
    • We raise awareness in the community to the challenges the schools face and the accomplishments they have achieved.
    • We ensure our students have books to read over the summer vacation as well as having a book of their own at home.
    • We raise funds through sponsors and other fund-raising efforts to help our schools. 

     Do it NOW! Become one of our cherished sponsors and be known as a champion of literacy.

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    To volunteer within our schools, contact a specific school's volunteer coordinator. (link to contacts) 

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