If you think eClass is just about students using computers to access class and home work, think again. 
  From Learning the Colors to
Writing Code
eClass Curriculum and Instruction Initiative teaches the way students learn.
Technology will help close that gap! 
Literacy Thru Technology in the Classroom! 
 eClass' greatest offerings are many. Among the top ones are:
1. The ability for a teacher to customize, tailor and personalize learning.
2. Students have access to learning tools outside the classroom 
A student having a problem with understanding colors or recognizing letters of the alphabet will be far behind the others in learning to read and comprehend.
Familiarize yourself with this dramatic initiative that will have a huge and positive effect on our county’s future, especially our future work force and leadership. Click on any of the following to learn more.
 BYOD - Bring It Flyer (Bring Your Own Device)
(Can the student do these basic functions on a tech device?)
This explains how students access and how this extends the classroom learning.
 Peachtree Elementary School
Samples of eClass

Peachtree elementary school Principal Kara Dutton presented the eclass concept to the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association (UPCCA) attendees at a fall meeting.

Click here to see that video.
 A PES teacher-developed resource dashboard on statistics for 7th grade students.
Click on  "Statistics Song" - third row down on right side. All of these are resources students can access to help fill the learning gaps in statistics! 
Simpson Elementary School eClass info Elementary eCLASS C & I Overview (Video)
 Student Portal gives each student access to a selection of digital textbooks and resources, the online research library, a media catalog, databases of general reference materials, eBooks, and much more. All with one password!
 Summerour Middle School links to various eClass learning resources. Click here to go to their website page explaining each of these.
All of the schools use the "My eClass" logo to take students to the school's learning resources site. 
Financial Literacy   

Financial Literacy - Summerour middle school principal Dorothy Jarrett’s presentation to UPCCA on the new Junior Achievement Program. See Video

Read more about Summerour's dynamic Principal Dorothy Jarrett.